5 Recommendations for the Best Safety Shoes this Year (2024)

5 Recommendations for the Best Safety Shoes this Year (2024)

Shoe Stories Safety shoes are one of the most common personal protective equipment (PPE) and most frequently used in field work. Whether it is by project workers such as contractors, mining, plantations, oil and gas, even in the food and beverage industry.

Many people are looking for safety shoe brands, recommendations for the best safety shoes or the most expensive safety shoes, but does it really answer their needs?

Choosing the right shoes is also an important factor at work. Apart from paying attention to the quality of the shoes, you also need to pay attention to comfort when wearing them. Choose shoes that suit your work environment. For example, if you work in an area that is prone to electric shock, wear shoes for electricians with anti-static features.

If you work in a mining area, wear special mining shoes. Like boots that have stronger and higher durability. Project shoes are also available if working in a construction area.

Usually companies tend to buy shoes that comply with Occupational Health and Safety (K3) standards for their field workers. Looking for well-known shoe brands with safety shoe specifications and prices that suit the company’s budget has become a routine activity for the company’s purchasing or HSE team.

The following are recommendations for the 5 best safety shoe brands in 2023:

  1. Ranger Safety Shoes
  2. Kings Safety Shoes
  3. Safety Shoes Krushers
  4. Cheetah Safety Shoes
  5. Red Wing Safety Shoes

Come on, let’s discuss the full details!

Recommendations for the Best Safety Shoe Brands

There are several choices of the best safety shoe brands, but this time we will summarize 5 of them to make it easier to choose which one suits your needs.

  1. Ranger Safety Shoes

    Safety Ranger is a new safety shoe brand in Indonesia. These original safety shoes made in Indonesia were launched on September 14 2022 at the Mining Indonesia 2022 exhibition.

    Carrying the theme Proudly Made in Indonesia, Safety Ranger created 8 products with names inspired by the names of Indonesian heroes. Each name has its own philosophy and meaning that suits the description of the hero. Here are 8 product names for Safety Ranger shoes:

    1. GLASS – SR01
    2. JUNA – SR02
    3. SADEWA – SR03
    4. NAKULA – SR04
    5. BHATARA – SR05
    6. BIMA – SR06
    7. HANOMAN – SR07
    8. RAKSASHA – SR08

    Apart from raising with the theme “Indonesian Pride”, the Safety Ranger’s advantages lie in its wider outsole. Yes, you heard that right, one of the advantages of the Safety Ranger is the wider outsole. With this wider outsole feature, the weight distribution is more even and makes it more comfortable for long-term use.

  2. Kings Safety Shoes
    Kings' Best Safety Shoes

    One of the market leaders in the safety shoe category is Kings shoes. In the safety shoe industry itself, many people already know about this shoe brand. They may also have purchased and worn Kings safety shoes.

    Apart from the affordable price, the product quality does not disappoint. The life time or time of wearing these shoes is also quite in line with the company’s needs. Kings shoes are one choice that you can’t miss. Buy these safety shoes from the trusted  Kings safety shoe distributor .

  3. Safety Shoes Krushers
    Krushers Florida Safety Shoes

    The casual design is one of the added values ​​or unique selling points (USP) of Krushers safety shoes. Apart from being used for project work, Krushers shoes are also good and comfortable for daily use in the office.

    Equipped with an iron feature that protects the toe, these shoes offer maximum protection to the user. Not only HSE or K3 people, the general public can also use these shoes.

  4. Cheetah Safety Shoes
    Cheetah Safety Shoes Recommendations

    Cheetah shoes have advantages in terms of price. These shoes are offered at cheap or affordable prices, so they have their own market. The price of Cheetah shoes is approximately under IDR 300,000. Cheetah is one of the cheapest safety shoe brands in Indonesia. Even so, these shoes still offer good protective qualities.

    Cheetah also has other personal protective equipment (PPE) products such as gloves, glasses, emergency showers and others. You can get Cheetah safety equipment products at KSS, as one of the Cheetah Shoe Distributors .

  5. Red Wing Safety Shoes
    Red Wing's Most Expensive Safety Shoes

    The final safety shoe recommendation is Red Wing safety shoes. These shoes come from Germany, where they were originally used by female soldiers. As time progressed, Red Wing began producing shoes that could be used outdoors.

    The material used for Red Wing shoes is genuine, original cow leather, with synthetic bottoms (shoe soles). This material makes Red Wing very comfortable to wear, gives an elegant impression and also usually those who wear Red Wing are those in high positions, because this shoe is one of the most expensive safety shoes in Indonesia.

    The price of one pair of Red Wing shoes starts from IDR 1.5 million to IDR 5 million. With the most expensive safety shoes label, Red Wing has strengthened its position as a premium shoe brand.

Make a choice of shoes that suit your company’s needs and work environment. Don’t forget that the comfort factor in wearing shoes is also an important factor, because basically safety shoes are used for quite a long time.

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