7 Best Nike Sneakers in 2024

Shoe Stories Looking for the best Nike sneakers can be downright grueling given the number of options. Well, fret not because we’re here to back you up.

Whether you’re on the lookout for the cheapest Nike finds, the most iconic, or the best one of them all, we’ve got it all here.

Of course, we have thoroughly tested each one of them, before we highlighted these top picks. This way, our recommendations are based on countless hours of testing – both in the streets and in our lab!

How we test sneakers

Nike is among the global brands known for their dope marketing campaigns, but who cares about that? What we give you here is a list of top-rated Nike kicks based on our unbiased reviews as experts on the field:

  • We purchase all the Nike sneakers by swiping our own cards. We do not take part in partnerships and X-deals just to promote a pair of shoes. We value honesty more than free stuff.
  • We made sure that our top picks are backed up by actual reviews and wear tests, so we wear each Nike sneakers both indoors and outdoors. We executed different tasks and errands while in them and we assessed its comfort, durability, and looks, among other features.
  • To make our reviews more comprehensive, we went the extra mile by dissecting the shoes into pieces and measuring over 30 parameters. We do all of this in our lab.

Best Nike sneakers overall

Nike Zoom Vomero 5


What makes it the best?

Being a running shoe in its past life, the Zoom Vomero 5 delivers comfort throughout our wear tests and stands out with a responsive and enjoyable ride due to its Zoom Air units. It brings an ultra-breathable experience that can handle even the most scorching days and remains light and loose on foot even during long hours. Among the Nike sneakers we tested in the lab, Vomero 5 undoubtedly tops our list.

Without standing too tall, Vomero 5 impressively brings a well-cushioned and comfortable feeling. Our cut-in-half shoe reveals a CushIon foam which measures 28.0 HA, 9.7% softer than average. Two Zoom Air units sit under the heel and the ball of the foot, further making the ride more pleasantly responsive and effortless.

Our strolls feel light and fuss-free thanks to the sneaker’s airy and fluid construction. Our scales reveal it’s 11.1 oz (316g), 21.2% below average. Meanwhile, our bend test confirms it’s as flexible as the average lifestyle sneaker.

Adding to its weightlessness is the ultra-thin mesh upper that prevents any heat and sweat from building up inside the shoe. As our lab confirms with a perfect scoreVomero 5 offers exceptional breathability.

However, the high level of ventilation sacrificed the durability of the upper. This is a concern for those who damage this part of their sneakers quickly.


  • Nostalgic 2000s aesthetic
  • Excellent breathability for summer
  • Cushioned like a running shoe
  • Lighter than average
  • Very comfy in-shoe feel
  • Flexible and forgiving on foot
  • Wear-resistant outsole and inner lining
  • Better lockdown with a gusseted tongue


  • Mesh is easy to tear
  • Not for flat feet/overpronation
  • Pricey

Full review of Nike Zoom Vomero 5

Best classic Nike sneakers

Nike Air Max 1


What makes it the best?

Even after countless releases since its debut in 1987, the Air Max 1 is an all-time favorite boasting a timeless silhouette with the first-ever visible Air Max. After extensive lab and wear tests, it remains our best classic Nike sneaker because of its enduring appeal across generations. Notably, it’s one of the rare fashion-statement sneakers that prioritize comfort and durability at an affordable $140 price point.

Our research reveals the Air Max units in the heel and forefoot are not only for show, they make our landings gentler and add some spring to each step. It’s exceptionally cushioned for long hours of wear with its generous 32.3/20.1 mm stack measuring 27.2% softer than the average sneaker, as per our durometer. 

We put the legendary sneakers to the test to see if they are as tough as they look. AM1 shined in all our durability tests, taking the abuse of our Dremel with insignificant damage compared to the average in the toebox (4/5), heel (4/5), and outsole areas (20% less damage). As a closet mainstay, this Nike sneaker prioritizes longevity. Surprisingly, it feels light on foot even with all the foam and protection. Our scales confirm it’s only 13.3 oz (378g). 

However, its tightly knit upper sacrificed ventilation. AM1 is more suitable for cold weather with its low 2/5 breathability score.


  • Historical silhouette (first-ever visible Air Max)
  • Responsive Air Max cushioning
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Very supportive construction
  • Extraordinary durable
  • Lighter than expected
  • True to size and fit


  • Lacks breathability
  • Really stiff platform
  • Cheap materials (fake leather and suede)

Full review of Nike Air Max 1

Best futuristic Nike sneakers

Nike Air Max 270


What makes it the best?

After extensive research and testing of various Nike sneakers, one model stood out as being ahead of its time: the Nike Air Max 270. It’s the inaugural lifestyle sneaker from the iconic line and pioneers the exposed air bubble design. With a vast selection of over 100 colorways, it caters to every style and personality.

In our lab, we subjected the mesh upper to rigorous testing to evaluate its durability. Using a power drill with a metallic brush, we deliberately scratched the upper to assess its resilience. Impressively, the AM270 exhibited minimal signs of wear and tear, confirming its toughness.

While most durable uppers sacrifice ventilation, AM270 surprisingly maintains a high level of breathability. Our feet felt fresh during our strolls even if we went sockless due to the neoprene inner lining that feels soft to the touch.

The shoe feels light on the foot, not only in terms of weight but also in terms of flexibility as it barely resisted our foot-bending. This makes it highly versatile and a comfortable place to be in for long hours.

However, its huge 32-mm heel height needs an adjustment period. We almost found ourselves losing balance because the heel was soft. Those who prefer stable support should look for alternatives.


  • Lightweight
  • Instantly comfortable
  • True to size
  • Durable
  • Can be worn without socks
  • Flexible
  • Super breathable
  • Sleek modern looks
  • Crazy number of colorways


  • Heel height might need adjusting to
  • Not the best for standing all day

Full review of Nike Air Max 270

Nike sneakers with the best leather

Nike Air Force 1 07


What makes it the best?

From the basketball scene to the streets and our closets, the Air Force 1 07’s iconic silhouette is everywhere. Its clean, classic look makes it versatile for any outfit or occasion, while its quality and sturdy construction promise stability and durability. Remaining an effortless fashion statement since the 80’s, it’s our top leather Nike sneaker in the lab.

Combining style and purpose, the high-quality upper not only looks good but it’s very protective too. The major panels didn’t melt away in our torch test, confirming the leather’s authenticity. The toebox also proved itself durable in our Dremel test with the highest 5/5 score.

The whole shoe feels structured and the midsole shows unwavering rigidity, holding us firmly in place. In our manual assessments, both the heel and torsional rigidity maxed out stiffness with 5/5. It was relentless even in our bend test, emerging 40.7% stiffer than average.

The shoe’s sturdy construction and moderate stack contribute to our solid footing. The platform has the Air Max unit, wrapped in a 20.9 HA foam, that adds some cushioning. However, these plush elements are inside a solid construction making the overall ride firm, therefore enhancing stability.

The downside of all these tough elements is that AF 1 tips the scales to a bulky 16.4 oz (465g), 16.0% heavier than average. Those who prefer lighter and comfier shoes should look further.


  • Crisp and classic look
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Great leather quality for the price
  • Responsive Air cushioning
  • Highly stable and supportive
  • Decent airflow for a leather shoe
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can last for years


  • Quite heavy
  • Creases easily
  • Not for all-day wear
  • Arduous break-in period

Full review of Nike Air Force 1 07

Best basketball-inspired Nike sneakers

Nike Dunk Low


What makes it the best?

With its classic retro look and all-leather (or suede) build, the Nike Dunk Low evolved from being a basketball shoe to a fashion statement. As its name suggests, it sports a low platform with a grippy outsole that delivers stability in our tests. Among the Nike sneakers we’ve lab-tested, Dunk Low is our top basketball-inspired pick.

With many colorways, the Dunk easily became a closet staple for many decades. Other than its aesthetic appeal, its high-quality construction proved to be genuine in our lab. Using our butane torch and leather scratch awl, we checked the upper panels, the top overlays, and the Swoosh logo, which all proved to be genuine as they remained intact. Plus, they serve as an effective shield, rating a high 4/5 durability score in our Dremel test.

Underfoot, we had a really good sense of the ground below for quicker adaptation. Other than its modest stack, it’s also a firm 32.0 HA. When combined, these elements deliver a firm and surefooted ride.

Further improving our control is the grippy base, a feature the Dunk inherits from its roots. Even as we walked through slippery surfaces, this sneaker kept us safe.

However, because of its firm platform, we don’t recommend being on foot for hours with this pair. Extended periods of standing and walking require more cushioning for better comfort.


  • Retro basketball aesthetics
  • Real leather (suede) upper
  • Excellent durability for the price
  • Low and grounded platform (loved by skaters)
  • Very stable and supportive
  • Surprisingly flexible in the forefoot
  • True to size and fit
  • Extra eyelets


  • Needs breaking in
  • Firm and rigid sole
  • Not for all-day wear

Full review of Nike Dunk Low

Nike sneakers with the best comfort

Nike Air Max 95


What makes it the best?

The comfort that we felt while wearing the Nike Air Max 95 was topnotch. Aside from being made of textile and leather that was soft and shape-conforming, it had laces that enhanced the sneaker’s fit and made us feel secure. We also loved the fact that this shoe was pretty easy to clean. Among all Nike sneakers, this one had to be the best as far as comfort went.

The materials that made up the upper looked stiff and unrelenting. But after a period of time, they all felt soft and were finally able to conform to the shape of our feet, affording us a lot of comfort.

We also had the laces to thank for the Nike Air Max 95’s amazing fit and clasp around our feet. They were easy to tie and had enough friction to maintain a knot even during the most aggressive movements.

In the lab, we put dirt, chalk, and some dyes on the textile upper. Of course, these things defaced the shoe. Fortunately, they were easy to remove after just a single wash. If you envision yourself strolling in not so pristine places, then the Nike Air Max 95 might be the most suitable companion.

We have to admit, though, that this Nike Air Max sneaker was a bit on the heavier side. It was quite bulky, too. This Nike sneaker indeed needed some getting used to.


  • Part of Nike Street Style Heritage
  • Super durable construction
  • Speed lace loops offer great fit and comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Recycled materials used
  • Best for colder seasons
  • Great lacing for a secure fit


  • A bit heavy
  • Takes time to wear in

Full review of Nike Air Max 95

Best budget Nike sneakers

Nike Air Max Excee


What makes it the best?

The Nike Air Max Excee was cheaper than any other from the Air Max line. It debuted at the $90 price point, which was already cheap considering the $110 average. More than its price, the shoe’s attractive appearance and the wide array of colorways that it was available in made it such an impressive, the best even, budget sneaker in Nike’s lineup.

If the Excee already looked great in photos, wait until you see it in person. The vibrancy of the colors was just immaculate and enticing and scene-stealing. We loved the approving looks that we got when we walked around wearing this Nike sneaker.

Aside from its great looks, we also appreciated the fact that it was available in many iterations. There was practically a colorway for every personality that we wanted to portray or represent through our outfits. The Nike Air Max Excee was truly a fashionista’s best friend.

Too bad that the price reduction came with unfortunate drawbacks in shoe quality. This Nike sneaker simply was not the most durable shoe out there. It easily fell apart during our lab tests.


  • Fits true to size
  • Perfect for sporty outfits
  • Insanely comfortable
  • Cheaper than many Air Max
  • Colors IRL are even better than the ones on the screen
  • Wide choice of colorways

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