On Cloud 5 Review (2024 Update) | Worth the Price?

On Cloud 5 di 2024

Shoe Stories – The On Cloud 5 is one of On’s most popular shoes for daily wear and travel and was previously known as just the “On Cloud”. In my opinion, it’s one of the more polarizing shoes on the market despite its popularity.

The polarization comes down to this shoe’s fit and long-term durability. Its fit is what I would describe as an acquired taste and the durability of the On Cloud 5 can be highly variable — especially for its loftier price point.

As a fan of the On Cloud X3 shoes for training, I was excited to see how the On Cloud 5 compared regarding comfort. Is this shoe better for traveling and comfort than some of my other favorites?

After using the On Cloud 5 for over 300 miles, I’ve learned there’s a lot to like about this shoe and some major red flags to consider for some buyers. And no, this isn’t going to be some big media review article with a clear bias for On Shoes.

My On Cloud 5 Summary

The On Cloud 5 is designed for casual use with convenience in mind. The Speed Lacing System makes this shoe easy to put on and off, which is great for popping them on quickly and getting about.

Comfort-wise, this shoe’s CloudTec midsole is its claim to fame. This midsole is built to move well with the feet and give you comfort and responsiveness as you walk and stand for long periods.

If you want to invest in the On Cloud 5 I’d highly recommend making sure you know what you’re getting. For example, this shoe will not be your best pick for casual wear and working out. A lot of reported durability issues come from others not using this model properly.


  1. Easy lacing. The Speed Lacing System gives this shoe a nice casual slip-on feel which is great for those that don’t want to mess with laces.
  2. Comfortable and flexible. The CloudTec midsole is comfortable and maneuverable which gives this shoe a nice feel for standing all day and walking long distances.
  3. Lightweight and breathable. The breathable upper does a good job with ventilation and creating a nice balanced foot climate, especially in hot weather.


  1. Midsole durability. The midsole at the forefoot can scuff and start to break down over time with high-volume concrete use. I noticed this around mile 80.
  2. Upper can have issues, too. The upper overlays have also proven to be a durability issue for some in long-term contexts, especially those with a wider forefoot.
  3. Not great for wide feet. This shoe has a narrower width and if you have wider and flatter feet you may want to steer clear of this shoe as it will feel snug through the forefoot and midfoot.

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